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Photometry & Spectroscopy Sites

Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird Excellent Washington State vendor with lots of hard to find astronomical accessories; got my STL-11K from this hassles!

Astro-Physics  Astro-Physics has been at the forefront of optical design for more than a decade. The AP mounts are among the most sought after astronomical equipment in the world (I own two AP1200GTOs as well as its big brother the AP1600GTO and they all work great!)

The AstroMart Claiming  to be "The Worlds Largest Astronomy Classified & Auctions" web page, has great specials on common and unusual astronomical equipment.  

Bisque Software Bisque developers of Sky6 Astronomy Software and the Paramount ME and iBisque Telescope Network

Celestron International  Web page of Celestron telescopes.  Company pitch: "Celestron, the most established name in the optical industry, has a reputation for providing the highest quality optics at affordable prices.!

Diffraction Limited Makers of the fine astronomical software MaxIm DL, MaxPoint, and MaxDome ...Company bio: "was founded in 1992 by President/CEO Douglas B. George. Our mission is to develop high quality software & hardware for scientific imaging  applications."

Losmandy's Astronomical Products  Has an excellent product line for high quality telescope rings, dovetail plates, and mounting systems.

Meade Instruments Corporate Company bio: "Founded in 1972 and public since 1997, Meade is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. "

Mirametrics Company bio: "Our MIRA® image processing software was developed to give you the most accurate scientific results in low light imaging applications. "

Orion Telescope Company Excellent web page on retail astronomical equipment.  Very informative on-line catalog.

Parallax Instruments Company bio: "Parallax Instruments is a manufacturer of precision Newtonian and Classical Cassegrain astronomical telescopes,  equatorial mountings, tripods and custom portable or permanent welded piers."

PlaneWave Instruments Comapny bio: "PlaneWave Instruments was founded in 2006 by Richard Hedrick and Joseph Haberman, two former telescope engineers at Celestron.  PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing the highest quality observatory-class products for astronomers.

PreciseParts Excellent Machining company that does custom work for telescope/CCD parts such as Adapters for Astrophotography ...ect.  Mr. Stevens is very familiar with the SBIG CCD product line and will custom make any part needed to interface with your telescope or tele. lens.

Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) - Company bio: "In most high technology markets there are "pioneers", companies who have the technology and dedication to influence the direction of an entire industry."

Shelyak  The Shelyak Instruments range is for all the players in astronomical spectroscopy, whatever their level, from discovery to professionals, through astronomer amateurs, beginners or experienced. Several devices allow a pedagogical approach and are the pretext for amazing practical work ... 

Tele Vue Optics - Company bio: "Tele Vue Optics has been thrilling customers for more than twenty years. It is our mission. It's in the materials we choose, the designs we create, the craftsmanship we demonstrate...the images we deliver. Creating "goodies" for the observing enthusiast has been founder Al Nagler's continuing pursuit."


Astronomy Resource Links

Lunatico Astronomia Great observatory hardware/software from European ATM'r António Alberto Peres Gomes

Astronomy Magazine's Home Page   The most popular astronomical magazine on the market.

Astronomy Now Magazine - Very impressive U.K. magazine on astronomy and space science.  This magazine has very extensive articles on NASA projects, sometime earlier and more complete than their U.S. counterparts!

Arp's Catalog of Pecular Galaxies   Informational/pictorial archive of  peculiar galaxies.

Mike Boschat's Home Page  Excellent astronomical links page to lesser known global sources.

Coelum (Italian Astronomy) Magazine Beautiful Italian astronomy magazine with excellent photographic reproductions.

Los Angeles Astronomical Society The Los Angeles Astronomical Society is available for public outreach activities. This includes star parties, or perhaps lectures or informal talks and demonstrations, either for private occasions, or especially for school functions (at no charge).

Latest Supernova by David Bishop   Excellent resource page for supernova research.  See list of "Recent Supernova," for excellent information on SN lightcurves, spectrum, pictures, and more.

LesvePhotometry Software Programs for Variable Star Observers. Produced by Belgium astronomer Pierre De Ponthiere.

The NGC/IC Project Page -Very comprehensive list on all aspects on NGC/IC objects with support of members of IPAC.

Sky and Telescope's Home Page The most popularly read magazine of astronomy by both amateurs and professional astronomers.

The Ventura County Astronomical Society   Fine gallery of astrophotos taken by some of their members.

The Web Society   An international society of amateur and professional astronomers specializing in the observation of double stars and 'deep sky' objects.   


Rogelio Bernal Andreo-Deep Sky Colors People say I'm a "world renowned" astrophotographer and night photographer. I stick just to astrophotographer and night photographer though

Steve Bell - The Bell Observatory Home Page - Pictures from Steve's 16" remote controlled newtonian telescope and excellent physics articles on relativity.

Astrophotography by Kent Biggs - Great astroimages from Kent's observatory with 11" SCT and 20" RCOS scopes.

Christian Buil Spectroscopy, CCD Astronomy Web Page  Preeminent French CCD theorist and electronic ATM .  Author of IRIS CCD software.  Author of the definitive theoretical CCD book  CCD ASTRONOMY Has been using CCD technology since 1983!

Chris Cook's Astronomical Photography From Chris's Web Site: "Mr. Cook's images have appeared in local, national and international publications & collegiate level astronomy text books. "

Russell Croman Great narrow band CCD Imager!..."For me, astrophotography is a perfect blend of the very technical and the very aesthetic, both of which I love."

Bob Fera's Color Astrophotos Web page of his and his wife, Janice, astrophotographic work & links.

Bill Fletcher's Science & Art Web Page - William Fletcher's web page featuring his fine schmidt, tricolor, and comet astrophotography.

R Jay GaBany Presenting images of interesting astronomical objects obtained with modest, commercially available telescopes and CCD cameras that are optimized for taking long exposures of low light-level subjects.

Robert Gendler   Preeminent Connecticut CCD imager now shooting from remote observatory in New Mexico.

Martin Germano's Photograph   Excellent B&W photography from one of the most prolific astrophotographers.  Check out his menagerie of deep-deep sky objects. ST-8XME acquired to extend his work further! 

John Gleaso on Astrobin Widely acknowledged as an accomplished deep sky observer and expert CCD astrophotographer with many years of experience.

Ed Grafton's CCD Astro-imaging Page Fine planet astroimager, who shoots from his home south of Houston, Texas...."This page is intended to show what can be done by anyone in their backyard with a telescope and CCD camera. Coments are invited.... "

George Greaney's Astrophotography - Excellent sample of narrow and wide field astrophotography from Nevada's most prolific astrophotographer.

Tony Hallas   Site contains some of Tony's color and B&W CCD astroimages taken with various instruments.; neighbor of Bob & Janice Fera!

Chris Johnson: Great observatory & astroimages near Mayer, AZ.

Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography Page - Nice web page of Al's exquisite CCD work involving WCMY techniques for color astrophotography.

Thierry LEGAULT's home page - Excellent French CCDer and optical theoretician whose sections on collimation and optical obstruction are a must for anyone designing and maintaining good optics. Viva France !

Jerry Lodriguss' Amateur Color Astrophotos Lots of information about astrophotography and processing images.

Brian Lula's Heaven's Glory Observatories Great CCD Imager and President of his firm PI.."The astroimages and photos of my telescope and observatory construction are for everyone's enjoyment and education."

Felipe  Mac-Auliffe's Web Page - Excellent photography and insights into astronomy from this amateur/professional astronomer.  He works at La Silla in Chile on millimeter radio astronomy and visible light (CCD) survey projects in support of IPAC and STSI.  

Steve Mandel Astrophotography by Steve Mandel. "...The excitement I experience on seeing something that I have not seen before, like the intricate structure of a supernovae remnant, planetary nebula or galaxy is a tremendous thrill."

Stan Moore CCD  Great analytical CCD Imager. Lots of quantitative tools and beautiful high resolution CCD images on his web site.

Jack Newton's Web Page  Many of Jack's finest CCD images are displayed from his web page.

Philip Perkins ASTROCRUISE  -Presents an exquisite selection of very fine color astrophotos taken by this British astrophotographer.

Puckett Observatory Private facility owned and operated by Tim Puckett. The observatory is located in the North Georgia mountains and is dedicated to the study of comets and the discovery of supernovae.

Robert Reeves Astrophotography (Facebook) - Excellent  b&w astrophotography from this San Antonia Astronomical Association member.

Astrophotography by Johannes Schedler  "These pages are dedicated to all that recognize the wonders hidden deep in the sky."(Austria) 

Comet Hunter Tsutomu Seki Astro Page - Co-Discoveror of Comet Seki0Lines in 1962!

Chris Schur A very experienced Arizona astrophotographer whose work features high focal length, long exposure B&W shots.

Mike Stecker's Web Page   Mike's excellent travel logs/astropicts & home of the Astrophotographer's Portrait Page .

Loke Kun Tan's Astrophotography Website which displays great CCD wide-field images of celestial  (esp. Southern Hemisphere) objects adorning our night skies.

Chuck Vaughn's Astrophotography - Excellent advice on high resolution B&W photography and astrophoto systems.  Now getting great results from dSLR work.

Wiggins Fine Arts  Rick Wiggins: "..have recently begun astrophotography. I have posted some photos here for sharing... I am currently experimenting with CCD imaging and have begun posting some images." Does fine portable work next to Mt. Pinos, California! 


Will the Weather be Clear?

Fraizer Park Real Time Weather   Automated web page (WeatherBug) with  meteorological data at Frazier Park, near Mt. Pinos, California.

Mt. Pinos Clear Sky Clock  Kind of complicated metrological/dark sky condition aid.

Mt. Pinos Web Camera   A web site that takes pictures of the northern slope of Mt Pinos , one of the most popular places in Southern California to conduct astrophotography.  Updates every ten minutes!  Also contains three other nearby webcam links including the Frazier Park School Cam showing the south(?) part of the sky, Alpaca Cam, & Cuddy Valley Cam.

NOAA for Southern California Weather   This site provides up to date radar, satellite, and forecats for the 5 counties area that encompass Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County and part of San Bernardino areas (other areas are also available).

Geostationary Satellite Server Images    This site provides up to date satellite image for the U.S. and its possessions. Includes an image archive and MPEG loops for IR, visible and water vapor images.


AAVSO The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) is a worldwide, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization of amateur and professional astronomers who are interested in variable stars.

ARAS Spectroscopy Forum This forum is available to all who wishe to discover astronomical spectroscopy, share their results, share their experience and contribute to collaborative observing programs.  Messages on this forum can be in english or french. This forum is connected to ARAS web site (Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy: where you can also find initiation articles, technical details, observing campaigns results, spectral database (in construction), spectroscopy links.

Astronomical Spectroscopy ( This group is focused on supporting amateur astronomers interested in Spectroscopy. Our aim is to provide resource material and assistance to both the beginner and the more experienced amateur. We also support the development and use of the digital spectroheliograph (SHG) Check out the files area for some DIY spectroscope designs. has also been established to support the group.

BAA Spectroscopy Database Spectra may be freely reviewed and downloaded, though please remember to acknowledge both the BAA and the individual observers when they are used in publications. Where an observer's spectra have made a significant contribution then that observer should be listed as a co-author.

Basic Astronomical Spectroscopy Software ( BASS stands for Basic Astronomical Spectroscopy Software. BASS Project is a free Microsoft Windows based application is designed to help fellow amateur astronomers to perform full reduction processing and analysis of spectral images. The application is easy to use and although targeted at entry and intermediate level users, it is increasingly becoming very useful for the more experienced.

BeSS database v2.0  The BeSS database contains the complete catalog of classical Be stars and Herbig Ae/Be stars, and assembles spectra obtained by professional and amateur astronomers of those stars.  This database is maintained at the LESIA laboratory of the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

CVnet- The AAVSO Cataclysmic Variable Section Binary star systems come in many flavors: red stars orbiting blue stars, huge stars orbiting tiny stars, black holes orbiting blue giants, red stars orbiting neutron stars, and so on. In a CV binary, one star is a white dwarf: a collapsed star with the mass of the Sun in the volume of the Earth (our Sun will become a white dwarf in about four and a half billion years). The other star is a red dwarf rather like our Sun, but redder and less massive.

Red Dwarf Project (  Searching for flare events in Red Dwarf stars. The focus of the Red Dwarf Project is the investigation of flare events in red dwarf stars using spectroscopy and photometry.

Spectro-I (  Astronomical Amateur Spectroscopy / Spectroscopie Amateur en Astronomie. This group concerns amateur spectroscopy. Post can be in French or in English.  This site concerns mostly ARAS (see above) matters in spectroscopy and alert announcements.

The Spectroscopic Be stars Atlas   The primary working list of Be stars is adapted from the atlas of Anne-Marie Hubert-Delplace and Henri Hubert (An atlas of Be stars, Paris-Meudon Observatory) and from the Catalogue of Be Stars of Mr. Jaschek and D. Egret (IAU Symp. 98, 261, 1982) . The selected stars correspond to Be stars brighter than magnitude 8 and of declination higher than -20°. The coordinates are given for equinox 2000.0


General Scientific Sites

ADS Astronomy Abstract Service   Direct connection to the ADS Database.  Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) & Astrophysical Letters (ApL) are qurrieable from this link.

Astronomy Picture of the Day  Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Digital Sky Survey  A Web Page connected to a server containing CD-Roms of the Palomar Sky Survey!  Can Download pictures of every part of the sky in b&w (blue), up to 60 arc minutes wide. Takes about 1 minute per 10 square arc minute field to download (56K line average).

Griffith Observatory Home Page   Los Angeles's most popular astronomy destination. The closest thing to an "astronomical temple" is the southwestern United States. Has great sky information that is updated weekly by John Mosley.

Hubble Data Archive   Archive and links to all major NASA observatory programs.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)   The preeminent source of news and happenings on planetary exploration.

Lowell Observatory Web Page   Observatory where the late Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto,  situated west of Flagstaff Arizona.  Besides Tombaugh, other famous researchers include the late Robert Burnham, author of the classic three volume Celestial Handbook, and deep sky Astronomer Brian Skiff. 

Mars Physical Ephemeris Mars CM Calculator For Years 2000 - 2100 Perl Program written by B. Morgan Sherrod - 2002

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) - Web description: "It is built around a master list of extragalactic objects for which cross-identifications of names have been established, accurate positions and redshifts entered to the extent possible, and some basic data collected. Bibliographic references relevant to individual objects have been compiled, and abstracts of extragalactic interest are kept on line. Detailed and referenced photometry, position, and redshift data, have been taken from large compilations and from the literature.

The NEO Confirmation Page The NEOCP gives access to ephemerides for newly-discovered fast-moving (or other unusual) objects in need of confirmation. Most of the objects listed here have not yet received official provisional designations from the Minor Planet Center, such objects are referenced by their observer-assigned temporary designations.

SIMBAD Astronomical Database - Excellent astronomical data search engine querriable on: "CDS, Simbad, VizieR, Aladin Catalogues, Nomenclature, Biblio, StarPages, or AstroWeb" databases.  Very good for searching deep sky objects that are not extragalactic.

SkyView  Multi-Spectral web site for downloading your favorite deep sky object in any bandwidth you can  imagine!  Need object's RA & Dec. Brought to you by the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) at the GSFC Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics.

NEO Coordination Centere (old Spaceguard) Priority list of NEOs form ESO ephemeris site.

Space Daily  Your portal to space.  Also Space War and other newsletters  Daily/weekly web page on space happenings.

Science Daily Your source for the latest research news.


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